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I am specially proud of my musical contribution for Suicidal Scoundrels. One of my creative facets is precisely the electronic music composition. These last four years, I’ve made two EPs and three soundtracks for short films. Some time ago Jorge López asked me to collaborate with him. My work would be creating the musical ambientation for a game. But this wasn’t possible until Suicidal Scoundrels. This game is an space adventure and we got the conclusion to use the songs of my first EP, Partícula, created between 2010 and 2012.

The logistic reasons were actually obvious: we saved a lot of time and efforts using Partícula. But soon, we understood that both projects fit perfectly. From the nine tracks of Partícula, we selected just four. When you start the game and appears the annoying Sgt. Glow telling you the mission, you can hear the beginning of one of my favourite pieces, Leptón.

The main theme is Electrón and you hear the entire song when you are flying across the space and trying to destroy meteorites. At first, Electrón was created to being an electronic base and performing it with a funky style guitar player. But finally the original idea didn’t go on. Now I’m happy to know that Electrón has a place somewhere in a fictional galaxy.

When your ship crashes, you hear a melancholic musical loop called Materia Oscura. The song of the menu and the official trailer of Suicidal Scoundrels is Fotón. Materia Oscura and Fotón are consecutive songs in the EP Patícula and they have the same rhythm. But Materia Oscura is focused to be a dark and almost terrorific song; and Fotón represents the illusion and hope. My idea was to take the listeners across a dark tube and then show them the light.

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