Golden Midas


King Midas has turn into a gold statue!

You’ll play as Gormelias, the reign alchemist, and you must help him to find the Aqua Regia, the only element capable of disolve gold and turn king Midas to his regular state.


Golden Midas is an adictive puzzle game, where you have to combine elements to find the final element: the Aqua Regia. Luckily, some new elements will give you new skills for using them in your purpose.

Golden Midas have to game modes: Story Mode y Alchemist Mode.

The Story Mode will lead you throught the Gormelias odisee for saving king Midas in his golden doom.

The Alchemist Mode will let you discover all the elements in the encyclopedia while you are adding experience points. That will rise you as the greatest alchemist all over the world.

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