Suicidal Scoundrels


It’s the year 323X.

The mega – corporation Gorpal Materix has been subsidized to develop a new type of spaceship fuel.

To test its performance it will reward any pilot in the galaxy, enough brave or suicidal, capable of putting it to its limits.

The goal is to resist in the R&D test field and to make as much points as you can to reach the maximum score. If you want to achieve that incredible goal, you need to be a very good pilot and resist the maximum possible time while avoiding and destroying the obstacles in your way.

As long as you resist the most points you will obtain and if you are able to destroy some meteorites or space junk in a streak you will obtain some bonus points.

Don’t forget to be careful with the crystolium eggs, the whole test zone is infested with them.

Remember, in Gorpal Materix we don’t cover any physical damage that the mission can cause to the pilots.

Even as the risk of death is high…

Who can refuse a reward of 1.000.000 of galactic dollars???


This is our first project, a casual fixed shooter game, that we hope you enjoy.



Let Sgt. Glow to introduce you to the game.








Here you can download it!





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